Rules, please read. Got any questions, ask.

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Rules, please read. Got any questions, ask.

Post  Amu on Thu Jun 11, 2009 1:05 am

Okiiz, everysite has rules you gotta go by, so here the rules this site goes by.

1. You must make a character bio. unless you had special permission from admins/guardians.

2. You must be approved by an admin/guardian before you can start any rp. In the mean time, you can post in anything that isn't rp. Basically, anything in the "Other" category.

3. No inappropriate pics like, porn. a kiss is fine, a hug is fine but anything that shows a bit too much is not allowed.

4. I understand a lot of people like to have romance and relationships with others on sites. that stuff is fine, but write something in the name of your topic so others don't end up reading it. put something like,i dunno.--> RATED::(M) or PRIVATE ((believe me, some ppl are really effected by that stuff they go crazy and scream)) it doesn't matter, jus put something in the name so others can tell.

5. Swearing is perfectly fine, just don't go crazy swearing at each other and making others feel bad.

alright, that's it. i really hope these rules aren't that bad and they won't make things boring. i just wanna have fun and i want for other to have jus as much fun too.^^

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