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Post  Yaya on Wed Jun 10, 2009 8:15 am



Appearence: always wearing somthng cute and adorable!! i put my hair up in small pony tails and put ribbons in it too!!

Yaya Yuiki is the childish girl serving as the Ace Chair and is one year junior to Amu. Yaya often acts immature for her age, such as having an enormous sweet tooth, a great soft spot for items like ribbons, as well as tending to be hyperactive. She is also a ballerina, though a rather clumsy one. She has a newborn baby brother named Tsubasa, who, she claims, gets all her parents' attention. It is because of this that her baby-like Guardian Character, Pepe, was born. Though she acts jealous around Tsubasa, Yaya does have a responsible side, once personally taking him to the doctor when he had a fever, as no other option was possible. When Yaya and Pepe character change Yaya can have a big radle for a weapon and other babyish items .

Pepe is a baby-like Guardian Character who was born from Yaya's desire to remain baby-like in nature. When either she or Yaya get hurt or something goes wrong, both of them will begin to whine and cry in unison. During Character Transformation they become Dear Baby! Her Dear baby powers arent that strong but it is kinda useful!

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Post  Amu on Wed Jun 10, 2009 8:26 am

approved^^ Yaya-chan

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