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Post  Rima on Tue Jun 09, 2009 11:55 am

~Name:Rima Mashiro

~Age:same age as Amu so i think she's 12

~Group: Guardians, fighting against Easter

~Guardian chara(how many//name//about): 1 chara, named Kusukusu.
Kusukusu is Rima's Guardian Character and represents Rima's desire to make others laugh. When she Character Changes, Rima becomes a gag character (which she is embarrassed to use) and uses a signature phrase and pose: "Bala-Balance" from the magazine Great Gag Manga King During Character Transformation, Rima becomes Clown Drop.

~personality: At first she seems kind of cold and quiet but later on as you get to know she'll be open up and even be more nice.

~bio: Rima Mashiro replaces Nadeshiko as the new Queen's Chair. Although Rima is the same age as Amu, she is extremely petite and has relatively poor athletic ability. Most of the boys in her class admire her because of her beauty and passive personality, while the girls are annoyed by her because of her selfishness.

Because of a kidnapping incident that happened before she transferred to Seiyo Elementary, her parents pick her up after school, but since it interferes with their work schedules, they often argue about who cares more for Rima over work, resulting in Rima often having no one but Kusukusu as company for her secret interest in gag comedy. Later, she opens up to Amu and becomes friends with her.

anything else: Rima is the same age as Amu but is kind of short.

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Post  Amu on Wed Jun 10, 2009 12:41 am

Approved. nice signture^^

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